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Reiki Federation Bulgaria 


On the 15th of August 2020 in the city of Dobrich a constituent assembly was held in which the participants unanimously voted for registration of a non-profit organization with the name of “Reiki Federation – Bulgaria”.

On the 27th of August 2020 the non-profit organization "Reiki Federation - Bulgaria" was officially registered in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Organisation type

Non-profit legal entity
Bodies of the Association are the General Assembly and the Management Board.
The Management Board consists of the Chairman of the Management Board and two members.
The Management Board is elected for a term of /5/ five years.

Goals and projects

Carrying out of activities for the proliferation of holistic practices for overall human and personal development aimed at creating beneficial effects on individual health and satisfaction; study and establishment of these practices through classes, courses, seminars, lectures, round tables, exercises and trainings

Organization of seminars, meetings and discussions, lectures, courses, workshops, round tables, conferences, gatherings of like-minded people, trainings, exercises, concerts, fairs, forums, creative workshops, exhibitions, bazars, auctions, etc., related to questions of the holistic approaches regarding health and the human person overall.

Cooperation with educational, scientific, cultural and other institutions, foundations and associations with goals aligning with those of the Association.

Establishing relations and interaction with other national and international organizations and associations with related activities.


Individuals who have reached the age of 18, citizens of legal capacity who have provided a document certifying completed training in the principles and philosophy of Reiki and certifying the continuous line of descent originating from Mikao Usui.


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